Sitewarming Party

Hello and welcome to this brand-new version of my website, created with WordPress. It was about time I leave static HTML behind and move to a responsive layout.

I was also desperate to free myself from Lycos’ clutches and have my site hosted in Montreal. To achieve this, I’ve had to get a new domain name, which is now, as you can see. I wish to thank’s Simon for his outstanding support along a rather eventful way (let’s make a long story short).

Enjoy your visit. The plaster isn’t dry yet and several rooms are still missing, so be careful. Please don’t hesitate to report any bug or problem.

Sophie Voillot
on a nice (post-19) October day, with Vince Guaraldi’s interpretation of Samba de Orfeu playing. You can’t make this up. To celebrate, let’s dance, shall we?

And to think it hasn’t aged a day since the morning it was born.