About me

Sophie Voillot, photo KS Peters

Between literary transcreation and interface string localization, code as poetry or the endless quest for tone, breath, image… my life rocks. Between two branches, that is.

On the one hand, university studies focused on linguistics and literature, with lovely twists and turns in script writing and drawing. After which I specialized in technical translation and terminology, then went on to acquire valuable work experience in the workplace: Nortel Networks language services, reputable translation firms such as Lionbridge or Alis Technologies. All this made me ready to embark on a long practice of localization as a freelance translator.

On the other hand, life being a perpetual teachable moment, my journey can certainly be called eclectic with forays in music (marching band, choral improv, traditional band or as a street clown) and the visual arts: painting, photography, photopainting, photopoetry… If my life is a hammock slung between branches of activity, art is sunlight sifted through yellow-green leaves, fractal clouds unfurling anarchically, waves foaming on mottled sand.

Then, on a gray day during the winter of 2004, the pivotal point: meeting Antoine Tanguay, who was busy preparing Éditions Alto’s first season. Over ten years have gone by already. Literary translation has been taking me from one adventure to the next, to my great joy. Interpreting with my own voice the verbal score composed by the original work’s author. Painting a whole new picture each time, using words like dabs and splashes of colour. I never get tired.

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Literary Translation